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Is Cytoskeleton In Animal Or Plant Cells

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Cytoskeleton Inc Laboratories manufactures the is cytoskeleton in animal or plant cells reagents distributed by Genprice. The Is Cytoskeleton In Animal Or Plant Cells reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Cytoskeleton Inc. Other Is products are available in stock. Specificity: Is Category: Cytoskeleton Group: In Animal

In Animal information

Human IS ELISA Kit

EHI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2

Porcine IS ELISA Kit

EPI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2

Monkey IS ELISA Kit

EMKI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2


ERI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2

Rabbit IS ELISA Kit

ERTI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2


EGTI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2

Bovine IS ELISA Kit

EBI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2

Canine IS ELISA Kit

ECI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2

Chicken IS ELISA Kit

ECKI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2

Anserini IS ELISA Kit

EAI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2


EF007501 96 Tests
EUR 826.8

Viability/Cytotoxity Assay Kit for Animal Live & Dead Cells (300 assays)

30002 1KIT
EUR 376.8
Description: Minimum order quantity: 1 unit of 1KIT

MagSi-DNA Animal

MDKT00150096 96 preps
EUR 216

MagSi-DNA Animal

MDKT00150960 10 x 96 preps
EUR 1730

Guinea Pig IS ELISA Kit

EGI0046 96Tests
EUR 625.2

ELISA kit for the measuremnt of DNP-modified proteins in serum, cells or tissues

650-300-DNP 1 Kit
EUR 1000.8

Antibody for Plant HSP101/ClpB NT (Plant)

SPC-304B 0.2ml
EUR 439.2
Description: A polyclonal antibody for HSP101 from Plant | Arabidopsis thaliana | Monocot (Agave tequilana). The antibody is produced in rabbit after immunization with Plant Recombinant protein Arabidopsis thaliana HSP101/ClpB N-terminal. The Antibody is tested and validated for WB assays with the following recommended dilutions: WB (1:1000). This HSP101 antibody is unconjugated.